Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Week 45

Lots of food and crafting!

5th - 12th November

From left to right: a yummy cake from Steve, reading time, my lovely new drawer knobs, sending silly pictures to Ruben, palak paneer, yummy chicken for dinner, my second finished set of drawers, frozen food instructions for Dave, and crispy beef!

Week 44

Time for colder weather!

29th October - 5th November

From left to right: condensation on my windscreen, time for candles, purple car, our fish have found a spot to hibernate, spots!, scarf time, a massive full moon, herbs, and sunlight!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Second Cabinet Finished!

It's taken me a few weeks, but I have finished my second bedside cabinet for the spare room. Hoorah! It looks awesome - especially with it's funky drawer pulls!

The distressing came out really nicely on this one. I only did one coat of white, which made the sanding process way quicker than the last one. I also think the overall finish is better. Still happy with my first attempt but this is definitely my favourite of the two. The drawer pulls were the absolute perfect colour as well!

I opted for a crackle glaze ceramic finish (it was one that Dave hated the least!!) and the colour is spot on. After looking all over the place, I finally bought mine from Knobbles and Bobbles on eBay - you can visit their shop here. They've got some lovely coat hooks that would match beautifully as well, which I may buy for the back of the door once I've finished work on the bed. We shall see!

A little before and after for you!

Whilst talking about the spare bedroom, I made a massive mistake on my blanket last night - actually a few days before, by the look of it! I somehow managed to make a 9 sided octagon, which I think is a really special skill. Not so much when it comes to crochet though. I obviously got complacent, wasn't counting properly, and bodged the entire block. So I frogged the last cream section last night, and have started the block again this evening. I will frog the rest of the previous one another night. It's so frustrating though, as it's actually my last block of the set! Onwards and upwards though, with lots of careful counting from now on!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Week 43

I missed cooking!

22nd - 29th October

From left to right: finished my malaria tablets, walks to work, new earrings, poached eggs for breakfast, blanket block pile is growing!, came home to find Dave hanging fairy lights, my first apple strudel, eggs from Fiona's chickens, and a "lobster pie" for Emma (chicken and leek...haha!)

Week 42

More amazing sights in Kenya!

15th - 22nd October

From left to right: pied kingfisher on Lake Naivasha, boys fishing on the lake, travelling to Amboseli, amazing encounters with elephants, pelicans, back home to crochet again, snuggling under my shuka, roses from our wedding photographer, and my new coat from a trip to Glastonbury!

Week 41

Off we fly!

8th - 15th October

From left to right: amazing views from the plane, we've arrived in Nairobi, baby elephants at the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, views over the Rift Valley, lilac breasted roller, visiting the Masai, weaver bird building a nest, baby zebras are so cute, and massive views full of wildebeest!

Week 40

Getting ready for the holiday of a lifetime!

1st - 8th October

From left to right: yarn for my Summer Mosaic blanket arrived!, cinema with Gurpriya on a last minute day off, sanding detail on my bedside cabinet, Kenyan shillings arrived, finished my rooster, progress on my first blanket block, packing for Kenya, nachos for dinner, mocktails to go with them!