Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bedside Cabinet #1

Yesterday I finished my first bedside cabinet! After whitewashing the whole thing a few weekends back, I got the chance to sand it down, smooth it out and put a coat of finishing wax on over the top, and I am really pleased with the result!

The cabinet was originally a silk cream colour, which has actually shown through the sanding and adds a really warm touch. I painted over it completely with Rust Oleum Duck Egg, rough strokes of Dusky Pink and then the Chalk White (two coats) on top. Loving it!

Sanding took quite a while, and it's hard to know when to stop. I think I did just the right amount though - distressed without going mad. I tried to bring all of the colours through as well, and it looks as I intended. I just wanted a hint of the pink coming through! The cream was an added bonus.

This is my favourite bit of the whole cabinet. I love that I have sanded down to the wood, and have all of the colours showing. It took ages to perfect! I kept doing a little bit and then going back, but I'm glad I stopped when I did. I think it looks pretty!

By the end of my sanding session I had white hair and paint coming out of my nose - all good fun! The garage is covered in dust but I'll clean that up after I've attacked cabinet #2 and the bed frame! No point at the moment.

Just need to get some handles for the drawers to finish this set completely. The old handles are nice but won't fit in with the distressed style, so I want to get something different. No rush though!

Overall I'm pleased with my first attempt at upcycling! It looks how I intended it to, so that's always an added bonus. I think I'll only do one coat of white on the next cabinet - I sanded so much off of this one that it seems pointless to add a coat that I'm just going to take off when it's dry. Learning as I go!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Week 39

Lots of cooking, this week!

24th September - 1st October

From left to right: cooking up some steak stroganoff, baking funfetti cake for our Macmillan morning at work, sunset at the end of a long day, South African chutney chicken, finally getting to paint one of the bedside cabinets, duck egg and dusky pink, really pink cake, cooked my first casserole, and yummy mozzarella chicken for dinner!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Happy October!

Today has been a good start to a new month!

Here's an up-to-date status on my reading project! I have now reached 12/18 books for 2017, so am only 1 book behind schedule at the moment. With our 2 weeks honeymoon approaching, I am hoping to get in some serious reading time (when we aren't out and about, obviously). Just the chance to relax will be so welcome, to be honest. I am desperate for a proper break now! Anyway, book number 13 has been started - gone back to a favourite author of mine; Paul Finch. He released a new "Heck" book in April, which I haven't gotten around to reading yet, so have made a start on that. Fab so far! Taking my Kindle with me to Kenya, and there are about 50 books currently sat waiting on there, so I won't be short of reading material while we are away!

On a crochet front, I have ordered the yarn for my spare bedroom blanket! That will arrive this week! I am about to order the yarn for Nurse Adrienne's teddies (which I promised her ages ago), so I will have two projects on the go at once. Unusual for me, but I will find it hard to concentrate on the amigurumi at work - NHS staff rooms are not the place to try and count rounds haha! So my blanket will be the project I take into work, and the teddies will stay at home. I'm excited to get started on both of those though.

I finished Sam's rooster this evening! But I can't share any pictures with you yet. I want her to be the first to see him, so I will post him this week and write a little bit about him once he has met his new mummy! I'm super pleased with him though, he looks fab.

I started painting the bedroom furniture today! This is just a WIP shot, but those are two of the colours I have gone with. The duck egg blue is divine! Dusty pink, it's pretty and will look nice once sanded back I think. The first bedside table is drying at the moment and I will sand and wax it during the week, or next weekend. Hopefully it turns out well though! Dave isn't too keen on the idea of the upcycled look, so fingers crossed I can prove him wrong and create something really special (no pressure then!).

Back to work tomorrow, after what has been a pretty good weekend. Had my last flu clinic yesterday morning, then went into Poole with Dave for some lunch and last minute Kenya shopping. Got home and made a delicious beef and ale casserole - my first attempt at making something like this, and it went really well! Yay! Today was a mixture of swimming, painting and chilling...mostly painting. Watched a film this evening while I finished Sam's rooster and will be off to bed in a little while, methinks. Maybe a cup of tea first. Then in the morning I am going on an ECG training course, followed by work. Can't wait for our holiday now!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Bedroom Decorating

Since the wedding, I have been feeling a little blue - just posting wedding blues, where I was planning constantly for 8 months and then suddenly it's over! Honeymoon in a couple of weeks, but that was all planned. So I have taken it upon myself to decorate our downstairs spare bedroom!

From Design Seeds

This is the kind of colour scheme I am going with. The walls are already a cream colour, so I'm not touching those (just touching up a few scuffs) but I want to accent the room with these nice floral tones. It will only need a few accessories to look really pretty!

Our lovely friends Rich and Sarah have gifted us their old bed and bedside cabinets, which I am going to upcycle! I've bought some chalk paint and am intending to distress them, with hints of pink and duck egg underneath white. I'm hoping it looks nice, and if it doesn't I figure I'll just paint over it again! The paint arrived yesterday, so I might get a chance to try it out on a cabinet this weekend...if not, next weekend when I don't have a flu clinic getting in the way.

I have decided I want to make a couple of special blankets to keep in there (I never make anything for me). I've had the Summer Mosaic Afghan (by Julie Yeager) on my Ravelry queue for ages, so have decided to make one of those to start with! I had loads of fun setting up a suitable colour palette the other night and have decided to go with this...

I'm going with Scheepjes Stone Washed XL, as recommended by the pattern. I've wanted to work with this yarn for ages, as I love the colours. I think it'll work really well in the room too! I can't wait to get started...just need to buy the yarn!

Week 38

Fun times with friends!

17th - 24th September

From left to right: new cactus socks, lovely blue lilies from Gurpriya, perks of the job - gp meeting leftovers!, espresso martini after a busy flu clinic, making sure Fiona is still alive on our new ecg monitor, wine rack for Roz, lots of pollen on my lilies, chicken with black beans, and the day the kettle wouldn't stop boiling...we had clouds in the kitchen!

Week 37

The start of flu season!

10th - 17th September

From left to right: herbs are growing!, first flu clinic, chilli chicken for dinner, paneer curry with Gurpriya, did my first ecg (on a piece of paper...he didn't make it...), shopping for Kenya, never had a cup of tea with it's own timer before, Wagamama's with Roxy, and a lovely message from one of our nicest doctors (don't worry, I'm not pregnant!)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Week 36

Back to normality!

3rd - 10th September

From left to right: noodles for dinner, a chunk fell off one of our neighbours trees, kitty Shaz, drinks with the lovely pharmacy gang, bought myself some roses, go to work to scan...scanner breaks, marinated chicken before work, dinner instructions for Dave!, and our little herbs!