Sunday, 10 September 2017

Week 36

Back to normality!

3rd - 10th September

From left to right: noodles for dinner, a chunk fell off one of our neighbours trees, kitty Shaz, drinks with the lovely pharmacy gang, bought myself some roses, go to work to scan...scanner breaks, marinated chicken before work, dinner instructions for Dave!, and our little herbs!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hekla's Children

This afternoon I finished my 11th book of the year - Hekla's Children. Just wanted to do a little write up, because it's completely different to anything I have read before, and I really enjoyed it!

Hekla's Children, in short, is about 4 children who go missing from a school trip, and only one of them returns (with no memory of where she's been). Years later, a body is found in the place the children went missing - fearing the worst, the police look into it, but it turns out to be a Bronze Age bog mummy. Upon archeologists removing the mummy, the child that came back at the time of the school trip comes back into the story, requesting they bury it again to stop evil forces from being let loose. As you can imagine...they don't...haha! 

I first heard about this book on a list that appeared on Facebook - something to the effect of "thrillers you won't be able to put down". I made a note of it at the time, whacked it on my Kindle a few weeks ago, and started it on our mini-moon! It definitely deserves a place on that list (whatever it was called!).

I absolutely loved the start of this - the bog mummy thing drew me in, as I've always found them particularly interesting, and I love that he had a bit of a back story as well. I honestly had no idea where it was going to go, and was surprised by the direction the story took! I don't want to give too much away for those who might read, so am being intentionally sketchy. 

The characters were well described (Scattie in particular is awesome) and easy to relate to, as were the settings. I really felt I could see the stream and wooden path that comes up on several occasions in the story, as well as the wooded camp. All of the "historical" parts (easiest way to describe them without spoilers) are excellent too - vivid and so descriptive, your imagination goes mad.

I did find myself getting a little lost and losing interest about 3/4 of the way through, but this soon picked up again. This may have been due to the end of a trip away (where I could read whenever I wanted) and going back to work, rather than a problem with the story though, so it doesn't really count. I did feel that the story ended rather abruptly though - I'd have liked a couple of chapters of build up and a bit more of a fight? But that's me. I loved it either way! 

Would definitely have a look at more of James Brogden's work, and thoroughly recommend this one to everyone. It's not horror, it's not fantasy, it's not's categorised like this on Amazon though. To be honest, fantasy is probably the closest you'll get, but not in a rainbows, unicorns and fairies kind of way. Some parts really are quite dark! 

Really though, give this one a go - it's fab!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Week 35


27th August - 3rd September

From left to right: little acorn, chilling in the sunshine, our little hideaway in Devon, herbs from Anna and James, hot air ballooning, go to the zoo - take photos of a sparrow, our weekend view, giraffe, and pretty wedding giftwrap

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Yesterday we went to Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, to get some practice in for our honeymoon to Kenya!

We got some really good shots, and the weather was absolutely amazing! Definitely a shorts and vest kind of day! The animals all behaved as well (except for the tigers, who weren't feeling it yesterday).

Bongo, giraffe, zebra and cheetah

It has made me so unbelievably excited to see some of these incredible animals in the wild! We will be travelling around four or five different reserves, so should have loads of opportunity to get some amazing shots. Dave has bought a new lens especially for the trip! It should be the holiday of a lifetime, and I am counting the days (36 to go!). It was great to go out with our cameras though. We used to do it a lot, but struggle to find the time nowadays. I have also lost a lot of motivation since a bad experience a couple of years ago, so it felt good to take some "proper" photos again. Hopefully this will get me back in the swing of things, as I do really miss it.

Yesterday was our 3rd trip to Marwell. It's only about an hour away from us, and is by far the best zoo we have visited together. The animals all have decent sized enclosures, and all look really well looked after. It's well worth the money! If any readers ever want a recommendation for something to do in the Hampshire and Dorset area, Marwell is a must!

Unfortunately we had to leave all of the animals there though, and are both back to work tomorrow (I went back on Wednesday but have that Sunday night feeling...). Hope you've all had a good weekend - especially if you've been in the Poole/Bournemouth area, with the Bournemouth Air Show!

Week 34

A week to remember!

20th - 27th August

From left to right: our pond lily started flowering, wearing in my bridal shoes, fish and chips for lunch, wedding favours sorted, wrapped our mother of the bride/groom gifts, marrying my amazing man, love heart, my first time making palak paneer on my own (it was good!), and my wedding bunting with my beautiful bouquet!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Our Special Day

Those who are regular followers and readers will know that last weekend I married the love of my life. I have been a bit delayed in a little update here because I have actually been back at work since Wednesday, so apologies for that!

©Fiona Moorey Photography

We had the most incredible day! What struck me the most is that my anxiety was near non-existent, for the first time in about 15 years - that says a lot, right? It's completely unheard of for me to be so chilled out, and if I'm totally honest, I was expecting the full works - shakes, nausea and tears...but there was none of that, so I got to enjoy the whole day!

©Fiona Moorey Photography

My bridesmaids were fab, and we had additional help from my brother's lovely girlfriend Emma, who assisted in carting decorations around and setting up! My girls all looked amazing, and their support over the last few months has been off the charts.

©Fiona Moorey Photography

Hair and makeup was provided by the amazing Laura Jane and Olivia Lucy - please take a moment to check out their pages on Facebook and give them some love, as they did an amazing job and really deserve it.

©Fiona Moorey Photography

Sopley Mill was stunningly beautiful. We could not have asked for a more incredible venue, and the weather was perfect as well. Having my Dad walk me down the aisle was amazing, made even moreso by walking to "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles - a song loved by my brothers late friend Nathan, who always said he'd walk me down the aisle. We had you there Nath!

©Fiona Moorey Photography

Our guests all looked amazing! And it was so good to have Dave's Gran and Aunt come all the way from Scotland for our special day. Thank you to everyone else who made special journeys as well - there were a few of you and we really appreciated it.

©Fiona Moorey Photography

A final thank you to our awesome photographer Fiona (and her second shooter Ann). You were both so supportive on the day and made us both feel so at ease. We couldn't have asked for a better team, and the photos we have seen so far have been exactly what we wanted, so thank you! We can't wait to see the rest of them. Please give her website a look and find her page on Facebook.

©Fiona Moorey Photography

Last, but not least, a big thank you to my wonderful husband Dave. He puts up with so much from me (including yarn stashed all over the house) and I have so many things to thank him for. I don't want to write all of the classic clichéd comments (excited to spend the rest of my life with you, etc), I just want to say thank you for always being there, looking after me, and allowing me to relax and be myself. You make me the happiest girl in the world!

I'm going to be putting up a lengthy post in the next week or so, featuring all of the lovely gifts we gave people and the amazing suppliers and crafters that they came from, so please keep a look out for those. For now though, thanks to everyone for all your support and for checking in and reading - you're all fab xx

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Getting Stuff Done!

I've had a really productive couple of days and am looking forward to sharing some pics with you all after the wedding! The table plan looked fab in the mock up, the favours are finished, and everything has arrived! I just have to go out and get a couple more bits today and all will be sorted.

I had a lovely day yesterday and ended up going all over the place. I drove over to Portesham in the morning to see my Grandparents, followed by a flying visit to drop some presents at my parents, and then back over to Westbourne to pick Gurpriya up from work. We then went for lunch!

Super yummy fish and chips at the Branksome Beach Café

After a delicious lunch, I dropped her off at the train station and then battled my way through traffic to Tescos, where I managed to find some paneer (much to my surprise) so then came home and spent some time cooking some Palak Paneer for my dinner! It turned out pretty well actually, but wasn't as good as the one Gurpriya made me a few weeks ago. A valiant attempt for a first effort without a recipe though!

I'm going to enjoy some more for my lunch today! It's really easy to make, I just think I need to double up on the spices next time I make it. At least I know that our local Tescos stocks paneer now. Saying that, there are lots of world supermarkets in the area so I could easily get some with a little effort.

Another awesome factor of yesterday, was arriving home to find our water lily had started blooming!


So all in all, Wednesday was fantastic. Today is my last day to myself before the wedding, as Dave is off work tomorrow. I need to pop out and get these last few bits but otherwise I will be pottering around the house. I think we are all organised and ready to rock with the wedding now, so just counting down these last 48hrs! It's mad to think that in a few days we will be married and we won't be planning the wedding anymore. But then we will have the honeymoon to look forward to!

One last thing before I go - I finished The Rats last night, so now I am only 1 book behind my Goodreads challenge schedule. Hopefully I'll be able to finish another one over the weekend.